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The organization “Global Waters UG” is an internationally acting distributor in the sector of water filtration. Our aim is to be able to provide every human across the globe with fresh and clean water. Based on research there are currently 1 billion people who have no access to clean water at all.


Therefore our filtration system is worldwide unique as we are able to filter 99.9% of all bacteria, chemical substances and any type of threat to the human body, at the same time we are able to give the water back its minerals to get the water back to its original state. As we have seen in many governments around the world the struggle to provide the people with clean perfectly drinkable, healthy water  is very rare to find. As current tap water especially in european countries has a high concentration of chlorine, fluorid and other chemicals which are cancerous for the body.


Looking at African nations the struggle is even more difficult as water is the main conductor for diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid etc...

using those filters would stop every struggle we are dealing with today with water as we are able to filter every kind of water, it doesn't matter how poluted or dirty it is our filters can change it for good.

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